Codexian Quotes (a.k.a. Quotedex)

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Neo-pro speculative fiction writers can shake the foundations and rattle the windows of the genres. Through an exchange of ideas, work-related discussions and the posting of the odd personal manifesto we can create a communal exercise in self-penetration, sometimes self-disintegration, and a greater chance of rebuilding ourselves as better writers.

Codex gives us an opportunity to be inspired by one another's successes, learn through critiquing and being critiqued by other skilled writers, reach new insights, and sell more of what we write more quickly by sharing information about the business of writing.

Codex brings together pro-level speculative fiction writers in the early stages of their careers who are actively writing. It was created to:

  • Promote exchange of information, ideas, and writing wisdom among pro-level writers
  • Facilitate rapid (7 days or less) short fiction critiques
  • Provide a place for a centralized compilation of writing resources, knowledge, and connections
  • Sponsor workshops and other career- and skill-building events
  • Offer more opportunities for us to shape the future of speculative fiction

Membership is free, but requires at least one of the following:

1) a pro fiction sale*
2) an offer of representation for fiction from a literary agent at an established, reputable, and successful agency, or
3) completion of a major, by-audition-only speculative fiction writing workshop such as Clarion, Odyssey, Literary Boot Camp, Clarion West, etc.
4) cumulative sales at least 1,000 copies of one or more self-published works of fiction and received author income of at least $5,000 from those sales.
5) nominated for or won a qualifying major award for writing fiction in any form or medium (Campbell, Nebula, Hugo, WGA, etc.)

Codex is a community of people who are actively writing. As a basis for continued participation in Codex, members stay involved in their writing careers through ongoing research, outlining, revising, writing, submitting, or other writing work.

*"Pro fiction sale" for Codex purposes means "a fiction sale to a market Codex has on or is willing to add to its pro list." Our pro list includes markets SFWA considers pro plus a handful of others we consider comparable for our purposes. Most members qualify with sales of science fiction or fantasy, but any kind of narrative fiction sale to a market we consider at least comparable to the ones we have on our list works just as well. Not sure if your fiction sale qualifies? E-mail us to ask.

To join, click the link above to e-mail us and just let us know what workshop and/or story sale you're presenting as your qualification to join.

Current facilities include an online forum, a concise key writing resources page, rapid critique system, and the Spotlight (many of us read several works by one writer and start a discussion about how that person can take the writing to the next level). Current members include Phobos and Writers of the Future winners; Clarion, Odyssey, and Literary Boot Camp graduates; and writers whose work has appeared in a variety of pro venues.

To contact Codex, e-mail us